The Dynamics of a Non-cut Sport

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

To every institution there is a hierarchy. An unwritten guide to where each person falls into place. There is no exception to Arrowhead High School and the non-cut track team which organizes in the spring. The team is made up of four sprints, throws, jumps, and distance; each one has their own separate utopia in which they practice until all coming together for the final State meet.

Sprints is the largest and most popular for newly joining participants. Lead by Koska, a jaunty man who in all actuality does little but organize the large team. The true master of fast twitch is Whalen. He teaches the runners all they need to know to succeed. The girls that make up sprints have their own persona. At the core, a group of successful, obnoxious girls who can often be found chasing one another around the football field throwing water at each other a giggling without end. They are the center of the entire track program.

The throws, numbering less than ten, are most certainly the attitude of the group. The throws coach, Murazo, is a powerful woman who could seemingly expunge any delinquent from the planet. Yet she is always having a good time getting work done. One member, Jackie, is ostentatious in large settings and has not a drop of truncated attitude. She has most underclassmen’s fear which is no doubt a result of her fractious reactions to even the simplest circumstances.

The jumpers are a smaller group often doubling as sprinters. They are an ordinary bunch of girls who do what they need to as often as their head anathema allows them. The coach is feared for his creepiness and is never confronted alone. Seeming to know little about the technique of jumping, he somehow gets girls to the State meet every year.

The distance squad is also a component of the organization, but can sometimes appear as a separate team from a totally objective third party. With separate drills and workouts, they are the last ones to leave practice as well as the last ones to hear about anything through the rest of the team. The girls work hard but never pass the opportunity for a truncated practice. Lead by a new coach, Kuczor, and a flamboyant assistant, J, the team acquires continued success and never fails to have fun.

Although the track team is made up of four separate schisms, they never fail to come together and reach their goals at every meet. Made up of individuals from varying backgrounds, just looking at them, one can tell to which group they belong. With each having their own attitudes and traditions they make one team.

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