Travis Pastrana

January 13, 2009
By Stephanie Goetz, Sussex, WI

Travis Pastrana who was born on October 8, 1983 is the bad-boy of motocross. At age six his parents bought him a dirt bike for Christmas. Travis took a great liking to the bike and he was a natural. The remuneration to this gift was insane. At age nine Travis was the known kid around the tracks. He was already admired by the fans. He was nominal compared to others. Not only because he could ride but also he was a fun kid to be around. According to some of his racing mates they didn’t understand how a kid who could be as dorky looking as Travis could go so fast.
At age 11 Travis became an ilk to team Suzuki. He was fortuitous to be in this position. Then at age 14 he broke the Guinness world record for the longest jump on a dirt bike. From here he was integral to his bike there was nothing he wouldn’t try on it. After he broke the record he started to get interested in free style. At age 16 he was at a supermoto race and he jerked off the jump and landed on top of the landing. He was incoherent and his parents knew something was wrong. There was, he dislocated his spine from his pelvis. Six months later the X games came around and he was going to enter them and there was not a thing his parents could do to stop him. With two titanium screws still in his pelvis he won the free style event for the first time. He went on to win it for the next five years in a row.
At age 18 Travis needed to expand his challenges so they took a trip to the Grand Canyon. He would ride his bike several times off a jump into the Canyon doing flips or tricks then let his chute go. One time he let go too late and hit the ground hard but he made it. Then he decided that this wasn’t enough of a challenge. So around age 20 he jumped out of an airplane with no chute. Two guys attached to him in the air and they landed safely.
Travis is not one to fear anything during the day but at night the nightmares take over. It’s as if something is inhibiting his body and he is not himself. He will wake up screaming and yelling at nothing. He seems to be awake but he is not. He runs around the house hurting himself, running from things in his dreams.
Travis is one of the most prestigious boys of motocross. Even though some people are diatribe and cruel that’s just because they are jealous. Although, being the bad-boy has their consequences; he has had too many injuries to count. He has had over 25 concussions, over 30 broken bones, 8 surgeries one his right knee and 5 on his left, and numerous scraps, bruises, and stitches. He has now gone into rally car racing and has won it the second year he entered. He was the youngest to ever win it. Travis Pastrana will be remembered for ever for all the amazing things he has accomplished and will accomplish. No one now or probably ever match up to him and have his personality. He is a one of a kind bad-boy nice guy.

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Broken ankle said...
on Jun. 6 2010 at 12:41 am
I crashed my race  bike.I broke my ankle.My fibia is fractured.First broken bone I have had to have a cast.After reading about Travis I feel much better as I was having second thoughts about if i was ever going to heal.Besides all that NITRO CIRCUS is great fun to view.


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