A Life Worth Living

January 12, 2009
By ashley homer BRONZE, Burien, Washington
ashley homer BRONZE, Burien, Washington
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The greatest feeling for me in the world is knowing I'm succeeding, knowing I'm getting somewhere in life not sitting around throwing it away. Getting good grades and hearing my teachers say I'm improving or I did a good job can give people that feeling. It works for some people to only to have school to influence you on life but for me I need more than that playing soccer gives me that feeling, the feeling like I'm on top of the world, every game my team wins or every good save I make and look over and see people cheering me on from the sidelines. That is what does it for me and premier soccer can get pretty stressful and the some players realize they don't need to be in this type of competitive level to enjoy the game. In my opinion the best part of the game is the competition it gives you strength, the strength you need to push yourself into getting better at what you love. If I'm not getting any better at soccer it stops being fun and stops giving me the motivation I need to keep my head on straight.I've worked hard to get in to all honors classes with A's and B's and still have the time to do what makes me happy playing premier soccer. I think every kid needs a balance between academics and activities. But before even trying to get in to activities they need good grades. Just going to school because you have to and not trying when your there wont help you at all when your older and trying to make a living, you will regret it trust me. It's good to have something outside of school and friends something you can turn to when you need time to just have fun and not think about things. Once you have your academics under control find something your good at. But the important thing is you have to have fun while your doing it. My coach tells the team the most important thing is to have fun before every big game and hes right theres no point in wasting your life participating in activities you don't like. My family tells me all time I need a break from soccer because it fills up my whole schedule I don't agree with them because every practice counts, ever game and anything else to do with soccer gets me one step closer to a college scholarship, another step closer to becoming professinal and one more step to becoming a legend. I know it will be a very hard task to achieve any of those dreams but if I never hope and dream theres no way they would never come true. I will never stop trying to reach those goals even when people tell me they are impossible because if they are impossible Mia Hamm would have never gone to play professional or even Hope Solo we wouldn't be watching anyone play professional sports on tv if it was impossible. Its very hard but managable if you try, everyone who got into professional sports had to work very hard to get where they are now and I'm willing to work just as hard as they did and maybe even harder to get where I want to be in life when I'm older. Sports have helped millions of people suceed in life and contiue doing so especially with me, I'm very greatful I've gotten the chance to play at the level of soccer im at now. I wish everyone could get a good oportunity like this it would change the perspective of some of the kids that go through life thinking they can just slide right through school with bad grades and can still make enough money to support themselves. Every kid needs to hear that they've done a good job or someones proud of them. The kids you see that drop out or get bad grades and don't care about what they do in school are the ones who don't get enough support throughout their life and don't think their good enough to move up in school.

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