Fat People Don't Belong on the Team

April 7, 2015

I was told that I had a high risk of getting diabetes. They told me I had to eat right and cut out junk food and fast food. Each and everyday I would grip my stomach. I would look at the other atheltics and I wonder where do I stand. I want to do track I told myself. I'll go next Monday. Monday came and I got my black legging on and my t-shirt that say You Can Do It.  This girl told me I had to do 4 laps around the track. I said okay and I was smiling. I started running. I wasn't half way around the track and I was breathign hard. I stopped. I said wow Mya you stopped. You are such a disappointment. I told myself No I'm not a disappointment I can do it. I started running for 2 minutes and I stopped again. Laughter everywhere. People screaming FAT PEOPLE NEVER LAST ON THE TRACK! I held my head down. The coach looked at me and laughed. The team had to work out. I'm the only one breathing hard and I tried to catch my breath. My nose was running and my thighs were sore. I came on my cycle I asked God why is this happening. I grabbed my stuff and left. Next day I brong my navy blue sweat pants and gray t-shirt. I went on the track and started running I started breathing hard. I went back inside the school. I was banging my head on the wall and cursing. A girl asked me was I okay. I told her yes. Everyone went on the track and I was the only one walking. I stopped when I got at the cart in t he middle of the grass. I had to stretch. I started working out and sith the team and I couldn't handle the pain I grabbed my stuff and left. I said I'm a fucking disappointment I quit on the second day. I can do better than that. I GUESS THEY WERE RIGHT. FAT PEOPLE DON'T LAST ON THE TEAM. FAT PEOPLE DON'T BELONG ON THE TEAM BECAUSE WITH ONE LAP THEY ARE DONE.

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