the slope

January 8, 2009
Briiiiiiiiiiiing. Well theres the alarm time to get dressed. Said my mom. YES I screamed! So I got my ski stuff on.
Its time to hit the slopes. Not knowing that I was actually closer than I thought to hitting the slopes. That day I joind a HOT SHOTStm class. They take you on greens and blues. So iwas just getting ready and they took us up on a warm up lift called the nova. It’s a small green. Then we went for the hard stuff. We went on a lift called the raven lift its not a beginner lift its very hard your accually on the edge of a cliff! You can look down and theres just trees that’s it! Its pretty cool though. We got on a blue and I was going so fast that I lost control on a sharpe curve and the skis slipt out from under me and I fell and hit my leg on the back of the ski. It hurt so bad that I could not get up. You see your skis are supposed to pop off so that you can get up easier so now my leg has this HUGE bruse. She said that she could call ski patrol to come and get me or I can be tough and go the rest of the way. I chose to ski down. I asked if there are jumps but she said no. she only telling me that so that I wouldn’t get scared or something I like jumps I thought in my head there fun. I was exited to see that there was a couple of jumps I of course went down them. I was having fun even though my leg was hurting. So I was sad to hear that I could not go down that lift the rest of the day. But I got to get on other lifts so it turned out to be a very good day. It was getting dark so the lifts closed down and we went home. It s so fun to ski there.

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pgossett said...
Sept. 25, 2009 at 11:22 am
hey whats up nice story
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