Boston Fans Vs Yankee Fans

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

I’ve finally figured out the difference between Yankee fans and Boston fans. The distinction is, as always, a matter of integrity. Yankee fans are proud and lazier than Boston fans.

Boston fans endure to the end. Boston fans don’t give up. When a Boston fan can’t figure out how to put together the bookshelf they keep trying until they get it right. A Yankee fan just goes out and buys a different bookshelf. A Boston fan tears apart the dryer looking for that missing sock while the Yankee fan wears two unmatched socks because they don’t want to search for matching socks. A Boston fan spends the weekend searching for the perfect gift for their loved one, unlike the Yankee fan who buys the first thing they find. Boston fans gladly e endure the ups and downs of life, while a Yankee fan finds the easy way out.

Boston fans are loyal. Boston fans are proud of their boys no matter how well they do or don’t. Yankee fans abandon their team at the first sign of disappointment. Boston fans wear their jerseys the day after the losing game, Yankee fans burn theirs. A Boston fan goes to their favorite restaurant every weekend. A bad review is written about a Yankee fan’s favorite restaurant and they never eat there again. Boston fans are devoted to their team, while the fans of the Yankees are in it for the glory. The Boston Red Sox have the same amount of fans after a losing game that they did before. The New York Yankees lose all but the water boy after not winning a game.

Boston fans are grateful. Boston fans love everything they receive. A Boston fan loves the ugly ceramic cat their grandmother gave them; a Yankee fan re-gifts it to their grandmother knowing she’s too old to remember she gave it to them in the first place. Boston fans keep the change they receive at the grocery store while a Yankee fan drops the change on the ground. Boston fans hope for the best but are prepared for the worst. Yankee fans expect the best and vomit on anything less than that.

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