Life as Ryan Sheckler

January 7, 2009
By Emery Moody SILVER, Carrolton, Texas
Emery Moody SILVER, Carrolton, Texas
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Soaring through the familiar air
Focusing so hard the surrounding is silenced
The routine running solid in his head
The adrenaline pumping wildly through his body
Powerful and spreading like a wild fire
Landing each trick to the utmost perfection
Surprising the intense crowds with unbelievable stunts
Doing what he loves, what he lives for, his passion
Flying through the air, with the screaming crowds
Fighting to be the best
Fighting so hard, it hurts at practice
Winning his way up, he continues to rise
Sponsored by every energy drink on the planet
He’s got the money, the fame
But when you break it down,
It’s just him and his skateboard

The author's comments:
Personally i LOVE Ryan, so i took it to heart to write a quick peom for him!

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