First Run of the season

December 18, 2008
By Hunetr Westerberg, Littleton, CO

It’s 7:30 on a cold Saturday morning. I thought to myself, this must be the coldest morning ever it felt like I was locked in a freezer. I just got on the ski lift I’m getting ready for the first run of the season the smell of pine is in the air and it just snowed. While I’m sitting on the lift next to my friend Connor, I'm thinking about how awesome this day is going to be.

My leg is starting to get sore from holding up my board but I barely even notice it. I can see where the lift ends and I’m filled with anticipation! I shift the position of my leg to get off the ski lift and put my other foot on the stomp pad. I push off the lift and I glide down the small hill after the lift. Connor fell off and I laughed at him but he got up and started going down again. I get my other foot clipped in the binding and start to slowly go down the mountain. Then I start picking up speed. Soon I’m flying down.

Then I see it, the perfect jump, it wasn’t very high but that was good because I wanted to practice the new trick I learned (360). Descending upon the jump I whirl my body around. I thought that I just might land it, but unfortunately when I land I hit a patch of ice and slip out! I land on my arm but I got right back up and started my way down the mountain. After the jump I feel pretty confident so I start to go a little faster and a little crazier, although I didn’t land the jump I wanted to try it aging.

Approximately 500 feet ahead there’s another jump and this ones even bigger. I start preparing; I speed up my turns and brace myself. It’s getting closer and closer and I’m getting a little nervous. Connor goes off it first and faces plants! That just makes me even more nervous. But it’s too late to turn around now; I’m coming right up to it now and I’m just preying for the best. While I’m in the air it’s like time just stood still. I set my self up for the landing and nailed it! I can’t believe that I finally landed a 360.

I’m so excited that I forget about everything and just start silently rejoicing. But my rejoicing is soon cut short because right after I land the jump….. I hit a tree. All I could think was wow I’m an idiot because I should have been paying attention. I got back up and got down to the base. I was still pretty excited about the jump but I couldn’t believe how bad my arm hurt. But in the end I did what I wanted to and even though I got hurt, I think I’ll be fine.

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