never back down

December 17, 2008
By hannah s, Littleton, CO

I can see the ball laughing at me giving me a smirk, “I’m going to hit you, I’m going to hit you.” BEEP! The whistle blew. Carrie and Gabby (two of my team mates) started the kickoff. “Over here” I scream, I race towards the ball dribbling it on the long itchy grass. I passed it to Jillian (the best defender ever) and she literally punted it down the sideline. This red haired, freckled face, snottiest girl I have ever met trapped the ball and well after she passed every one on our team she shot the ball into the goal. Freckle face was really named Sam (I just called her that because she really is mean). We played her team last year and they one, so we defiantly want to win this time. At the beginning of the game, when we were all warming up, she yelled “LOSERS’ you’ll never win. She also cussed out my coaches’ daughter, Maggie, last year but I mean who could blame freckle face, Maggie isn’t the nicest either. After freckle face scored, the best goalie on our team quit. Her name is Joni, she’s really socially not connected, quiet, and gives up easily, that’s some goalie. We kicked off again only this time it was me and Carrie, we both passed through everyone and she shot it, bounced off the pole and I headed it in.

It was tied 1 to 1 now and i had my game face on, apparently so did the weather. It started pouring down on the field, mostly every girl screamed “O my gosh, I’m getting drenched.” I didn’t care and neither did freckle face. At that moment staring in to her eyes I knew it was going to be me and her battling for the victory. Once the whistle blew I raced the ball passed two blonde girls on the other team, one girl’s foot caught on mine. As I fly in the air arm and face first, I feel myself crashing onto the gross and muddy grass. I open my eyes and see freckle faces face over mine, she didn’t help me up either; just stood there in astonishment. I thought to myself I could be taken out of the game if I was hurt so I stood up and in the most passionate voice I said, “lets play.” Freckle face just stood there not moving, she stared at my arm that was apparently “out of its place” but I didn’t care; couldn’t feel a thing. As the reef threw the ball in the air I was ready, I got to it first and did a 180 around freckle face, she never saw it coming. Actually no one did, not even my team mates. I hear my parents and friends screaming, the only thing I could hear was freckle face saying “you’re a loser” over and over again my head. As my foot reached the tip of the ball the ball flew into the top right corner of the net. “GOAL” my coach yells. I didn’t move I didn’t say anything, I was extremely happy that I scored but the victory was proving freckle face she was wrong. I said to her “I’m not a loser no one is, by us winning it proved something, don’t be too quick to judge because you might be the one losing”. All my team mates screamed in excitement, they couldn’t believe what I just said, neither could freckle face. They stormed of the filed in rage, oh well, I hope that was a good enough lesson for her to learn. After the game I was still in a lot of pain from my arm “coming out of it place” but in the end it was worth it to me.

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