The Fall

December 17, 2008
By Caleb Schnell, Littleton, CO

I have arrived. I opened the GMC truck door, walked up the cold concrete sidewalk, its cracks smiling at me. It took like only seconds to get to the front doors of the gigantic warehouse. I went up to the front desk, paid my green cold hard cash a.k.a 12 dollars. I ran over to a couch that smelt like sweat and plywood slipped on my black scuffed up knee and elbow pads. Suddenly I accelerated, launching off the couch throwing my skateboard on the ground my Tensor trucks hitting the ground with a dull sound, the Hubba wheels spinning with the cool tie dye design. I was at Woodward a huge skate park located at Colorado Mills Mall.

There were barely any people there, just a few kids and an old guy, well like only 50 years old, so not that old. I walked through the skatepark, whizzing by rails and ramps. Finally coming up to a step up, its only 2 feet tall and I start warming up, doing 180s and kick flips up it. After about an hour of just riding around I rode up to a towering 10 foot half pipe.

I walked up the stairs, thoughts crazily going through my head like what if I fall? Run into a kid? Break something? Walking up the stairs I was still thinking what could go wrong.
I put my skateboard on the coping it was so hard to do like walking on nails. I was so nervous, my stomach tying itself into knots. I slide my foot on the front of the board; my heart racing and my dad who is in the lobby. He looks at me and shouts “Go already!” I take one of the biggest breaths my lungs can allow. I run through the steps in my head 1. Push foot down. 2. Hold on. I push my foot down WHOOSH! I’m gone; I’m flying across the floor my Black Panther bearings singing. I am racing across ramps. I did it! I felt so much better now since I got that out of my system! I slowly and sluggishly skateboarded over to my dad. “That was easy!” I stated. We left the skate park and stared to head home.

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