The Basketball Game

December 16, 2008
Ever since I was a little boy, I remember watching Laker games. Even today I try to tune in and watch every game. As the years passed by my affection and passion for the Lakers grew. When I was in 4th grade, I remember my best friend came up to me and said he was going to a Laker game, and my reaction was “Oh my gosh, your so lucky!” My first Laker game had not been until 6th grade. When I went to the Staples Center for the first time I wanted to stay there. After that I had not gone there for two years. I wanted to go really bad. Meanwhile my friend was going a lot during these two years. I always used to beg to my father to go to one. Finally, one year he surprised me and we went. After I grew older and I fully understood the game, and I was also playing it I started going at least once a year. For some reason I loved watching games live, rather than staying at home and watching it comfortably. The atmosphere/ambiance at The Staples Center is way different.

Last season the Lakers, had a wonderful year. They were wining most of their games, feeling comfortable and having no problems. There were some slight injuries during the season but with all those troubles, the Lakers finally made it to the NBA (National Basketball Association) Finals. Their opponent, the Boston Celtics. An old rivalry was finally renewed. The last time the Lakers were versing the Celtics was 26 years ago. Even before the games had started many people started to take sides showing their passion. Many people just hated the Lakers, so they took Bostons side. The first two games were to be played in Boston, and after those two games, the two championship bound teams headed to Los Angeles. After the two games were played, Boston had won both games in Boston, but Laker fans had not given up hope, because the teams were headed to The Staples Center.

It was June 10, 2008, and it was a normal day for me. I went to school and came home, tried to rush through homework so I can watch the first game of the 2008 NBA finals to be played in Los Angles. I came home ate my food like every day, and started homework around 4:30 p.m. Then my mom came into my room and asked how much homework I have for the next day, and I replied, “not a lot.” Then she said start getting ready with a sneaky smile. I was confused and replied “get ready for what?” She said “your dad got tickets to tonights game, and your going.” I was shocked and did not know what to say. As soon as I heard that, I got ready, put on my Lakers jersey and waited for my cousins to come, so we can all go together. I was really excited. Now, I have been to Laker games, but this one was special, it was a Finals game, and not everyone gets to go see those games.

We arrived to The Staples Center, and I felt like home already. There are many differences when you are actually at the game, or watching the game at your house. As soon as you walk in you smell the different kinds of foods, drinks, and etc. When you get to your seats and sit down, you see the court that I shining by the bright lights on top of it, and you can not wait until the game starts. The whole crowd was standing and cheering on from the tip-off until the end of the game. It was unbelievable! Every time the Lakers made a score, the whole crowd jumps off their seat and starts cheering. Every time the Celtics made a shot, the spectators started booing the Celtics.

During the game, there are many snacks to enjoy. One of my favorites are the peanuts. From the smell when you open the bag, to the texture of the actual peanut, to when you crack it open, and you throw the 2 little peanuts that fall out of the shell. Then there are many other candies or refreshments during the game. When the 2nd quarter finishes it is halftime. During the 20 minutes of halftime, mostly everyone gets up and goes to buy food. There are many things to eat. People can go get McDonalds, or CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) pizza, or people go eat pretzels, or maybe even a hot dog. Once in a line, your eyes cant help it to wander around and watch whats around. You see many different people and many different things, and the whole experience is unforgeable. Once halftime is over the 3rd and 4th quarters start. After that time, people start getting really wild. It is almost like every shot counts. As soon as a player has a ball, everyone is focused on the player. If the player decides to shoot, the ball leaves the players arms and makes it way to the basket. While the crowd is standing they wait for the ball to get in or out. Once the ball is in the basket, the whole crowd starts screaming in excitement.

The Lakers ended up winning the game. Also, the Lakers ended up loosing the series. But, after all no matter what, the game I went to was unlike any other and unforgettable. It was an amazing game. After the game, I could not have thanked my father enough. And I continue to wish to go to amazing games like the one I had gone to on June 10th, 2008.

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