Football star

December 16, 2008
By Mantas Aidukevicius, New City, NY

During the dawn of time there was a pro football player waiting to spring. His favorite shirt said football on it, and he played with his friend’s everyday after school until it got so dark out you couldn’t play anymore.

He had such an appeal to play he got everyone to wear white shirts and got a glow in the dark football, now he could play as long as he wanted. He played and played and practiced and practiced till he could outrun everyone and anyone. He had the reflexes of a tiger, lunging and diving for balls.

The football player played for days on end until a scout saw him, now he doesn’t have to play with a glow in the dark football, because now he plays under the lights of giant stadium.

At least, that’s how he thought that his football career would go: what he thought before the accident. His second season with the New York Giants he was playing against the Pittsburgh stealers and James Harrison tackled him hard into the ground, somehow he couldn’t manage to get up the stretcher came with 4 people surrounding it and put him on the stretcher…..he rolled out on the stretcher but the crowd was screaming and clapping for him. Later that day when he was at the hospital he was told he had tore his ACL and he couldn’t not play for the rest of the season, this was devastating to him. His contract was ended and that was the end of his pro football career, now he resides in New city, New York the worst place ever and has a football school for kids.

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