December 2, 2008
By Skyler Tipple, Boise, ID

I’m writing about NASCAR everyone say’s “NASCAR is not a sport they say it’s just a bunch a rednecks driving in circles. When there not saying that it is a bunch of left turns.” If you have ever watched a NASCAR race then you would know there is more than left turns. There is a lot more to it it’s more than left turns there is strategy, wrecks, and temper’s and emotions, all play a big part in NASCAR. One thing that makes NASCAR so nerve racking is that thing’s happen so fast that you can go from first to forty third in a matter of second plus when a car crashes going two hundred mph it is cool it is dangerous like a lot of sports. Coming in for tires with fifteen laps to go is like going for it on fourth down it can make or break you
There are three very important things in NASCAR if you want to win a race or more importantly the championship, but I will talk about that later. But the three things that are critical in NASCAR are draft, good pit crew, track position, and sometimes fresh rubber and a full tank of gas
But it all comes down to who is at the top of the leader board when the cross the finish line, and that’s who is going to get the most points every week you have to make tough choices to give up the lead and come to pit road and come out fifteenth or stay out to keep the lead while every one behind you has fresh rubber tires and the draft are two huge key’s to win the race sometimes more at other tracks then some.
All forty three
drivers want to win the race, but all of them are after the championship every year ten drivers are excepted into the chase but two years ago Tony Stewart wined to NASCAR officials because he was eleventh in points six points away from tenth so NASCAR was tired of him complaining he made comment’s like “You people are taking a championship away from me”, and some inappropriate statements.
When they start the chase everyone’s points are set at five thousand and you get ten points every race you win if you make it to the chase. And who ever is leading the points at the end of the chase out of those ten drivers that is who is the champion.
Many people don’t know that NASCAR is the number one most liked sporting event. You have the stars of the sport such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, and the one liked the most Dale Earnhardt Jr. you also have the people no one likes in every sport like Kyle Bush, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Tony Stewart.
Dale got most of his fan’s from his dad who he raced but in 1999 NASCAR wanted to put one of the most important piece’s of safety equipment there is today witch is the neck brace Dales father said We don’t need any more damn safety gear the car’s are safe enough” next year he brushed the wall and it snapped his neck he died in the car I think it’s kind of ironic now the neck brace is mandatory before your aloud to race. some many people say they don’t need the neck brace but it all go’s to show this is a dangerous sport when you get behind the wheel at two hundred miles an hour you better be ready.
That concludes my story and why I think NASCAR is a real sport and is the number one watched sport in the world if so many people like it why is it criticized so much I don’t understand. This has been some of the rules, drivers, and history of NASCAR. I have had fun telling you about this amassing sport that doesn’t get much appreciation so remember it’s not a bunch of left turns it’s about strategy, determination, courage, gut’s, and gabling this concludes my story about NASCAR so don’t judge a race until you watch a full one they are packed with action and really fun to watch if you have a favorite driver not to mention any names go Jeff Gordon.

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