November 25, 2008
By Robby Laughlin, Milton, IA

All-stars Districts (Game one)

Over the summer I played baseball. That was the most fun I had. My all-star team was the first team in the County to make it past area and then on to districts. In our first we played A. It was the best game I ever pitched in my life. I was throwing a no-hitter going into the sixth inning. There was a play in the outfield and our left dropped the ball! The batter ended up getting a double off the play which means he got to second base. Then I threw a pass ball which means a wild pitch and then the runner made it to third on the play. The pitch I threw the batter topped it off and our catcher threw the ball to first but he threw it away. The run scored the ball game was over final score A one, us zero.

All-stars Districts (game two)

It was our second game in districts and we had Thomas F on the mound game for us that night. We scored three runs in the top of the first inning. Thomas and our defense were holding them to a three to nothing lead at the end of the first. We both went one, two, and three after the first inning. Then came the sixth and tats when things got a little interesting. The first kid came up to bat for LC in the bottom of the sixth inning. Thomas walked on four straight pitches he just kept on walking people till he walked a run in and, then they got a base hit which ruined Thomas’s no-hitter, but they held the runner. Then found the groove again he ended up striking the side out and won the game. is three LC one.

All-stars Districts (game three)

This was game three this was for all the marbles. We were back up against A and were back on the mound that night, and if I was going to throw a no-hitter again I wanted to win this time. I pitched terrible though in the first three innings they score fifteen runs off of me. By the time my dad took me out it was over we never did come back. A fifteen run ruled us after three. That was the end of our all-star season.

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