What a Difference

November 14, 2008
By Jonathan Dobbs, Massena, NY

Do you remember
How you used to spin
Into the cold thin air?
How you landed gracefully
Into the powdery white snow?
How the crowd
Was watching in awe?
Do you remember?
I remember
Being apart of the crowd
And I was inspired enough
To learn this magnificent trick
Did you ever realize
That you would influence people
To be great at this challenging sport.
Have you realized
What a difference you have made in our lives?
The thrill it has given to us?
Have you ever thought
That the people you entertain
Will dream of it and succeed?
You have inspired me to do what you have done,
You have taught me to go further than where you've gone,
I have accompished my dreams of being the best, even better than you,
Watching you glide endlessly seemed like yesterday,

Today, it's my turn to take their breaths away.

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