Okemo: Great Skiing for Kids of all Levels

December 1, 2008
By Ryan Muscato, Fairfield, CT

My family and I have been skiing at Okemo since I was little and I wanted to share it with the world how fun it can be from a kid’s perspective. Any type of skier from a beginning skier, Trick or freestyle skier and racing skiers can learn and have fun at Okemo.

Growing up as a beginner skier I learned most of my stuff at Okemos great ski school and programs. All over the place Okemo has big long greens and blues wide enough to take nice and big s turns. When I was about 5 I remember my parents taking me on mountain road, a big green that goes from the summit to the base of the mountain. Here at Okemo there are many programs for the beginner skier. When I was in ski school I made many friends and learned a lot from the experienced ski instructors. They taught me a wide range of skills like the pizza and the French fry. But I am more advance than that now.

These days’ lots of kids are big trick and freestyle skiers and Okemo accommodates all of them with some of the best parks in Vermont. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about Ross powers the 2002 Olympic gold medalist is now the snowboard ambassador at Okemo and makes all the jumps and the Super pipe are all in Olympic shape. Okemo currently has 4 terrain parks. Nor’easter one of the main terrain parks is one big trail straight down the mountain has jumps ranging from 20 ft to 70 ft in length. Nor’easter also has various rails and all sorts off stuff to entertain skiers. For the more freestyle skier who wants to be challenged Okemo has lots off different glade skiing and some good hard moguls. Some trails me and my friends like to ski are Supernova and Forest bump. The more advance kids wont be let down by these trails. Kids in this category looking to learn have many options like freestyle school or the development program. Last but not least Okemo welcomes the racers.

The highly competitive or expert kids can enjoy them selves by racing each other on the race arena at Okemo. The race arena is a flagged race course on a blue square. Kids all ages have easy access to this trail and don’t have to be a racer to go down it. If you are up in Okemo some of the season there are some great racing programs for kids like Hopefuls for the 7-12 year olds then junior 1,2,3 for the 13-19 year olds.

Okemo isn’t just a ski mountain but a great place for kids all ages and abilities to learn and have fun.

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