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December 7, 2008
I believe that no matter what anybody thinks you should always do what you love.

In my life there have many times when I’ve been told that I shouldn’t play baseball. They have told me that it’s to boring that’s its not cool enough. Sometimes I thought they were right, but others I thought they were just stupid.

Also my friends were always on my case because I always had practice, so I couldn’t hang out with them. Sometimes they would tell me not to go because that wasn’t important it was just practice. But the truth was that I really wanted to go no matter what I said but what they said really affected me in my decision. Sometimes I didn’t go so that I could please my friends and my dad would get pissed which made me feel bad.

Another thing is people tell me a lot that my dream of making into the majors as a pro baseball player is really unlikely to come true. They sometimes get to me and I let it affect and this would get me down. Also one of my coaches once told me that there was no reason for me to play baseball because I would never do anything good with it. But too today baseball has helped me a lot one of the things is getting me a scholarship to country day.

I once heard that I was to small and skinny to play baseball and to succeed in it. But there is someone in the majors that really inspire because he is not the biggest guys in the pro but he is one of the best pitchers. His name is Tim Lincecum he is only 5’11 and only 160 pounds he is pretty small compared to all the pitchers, but that doesn’t really matter because he won one of the most prestige award a pitcher can win which is the Cy young award. This means that what I believe is that no matter what anybody say do what you love.

This I what I believe.

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