My First Patriots Game

December 4, 2008
Who would know that the New England Patriots can have a great comeback game? I never thought that they could do that in one night. But, they proved me wrong.

It all started when my older brother, Sam, went to his first Patriots game. When he came home at about 1:00 AM, he woke me up and told me that he had a great time with our Uncle Lou and two of his friends; they had season tickets to the Patriots. They went to opening day vs. the Oakland Raiders; the Patriots won.

Then, I realized that it would be really cool if I could go to my first Patriots game. So, the next year came and I called my Uncle Lou and said, “Is it okay if I could go to a Patriots game with you?” He replied with a, “Sure, but it can’t be soon, and it has to be a home game. I’ll call you back to see what game we can go to.” I waited about 2-3 weeks when I got a call from my Uncle Lou saying, “Okay, how about the December game vs. the Detroit Lions?” I said, “Okay.”

Once he said that, I was so excited, that I was almost binging off the walls, hard enough to crack them in half. My mom tried so hard to stop me, but, unfortunately, she did not.

I waited about 10 weeks. Once he came to my house to pick me up to go to the football game, I told my folks, “See you later.” But, my mom exclaimed to me that we should let him first. He did not. So, she let me go

I was finally ready. I had my empty stomach, my jersey, my hat, and a pen (just in case if they could autograph it, in which they didn’t).
My Uncle, his two friends, and I were leaving my house. “10:30 AM” the car clock said. 5 hours and 30 minutes until the game starts, I kept on thinking in my mind. While we were on a highway, I looked out the back-left car window, when I suddenly saw a helicopter in mid air. I finally said in shock, “Look at that! There’s a guy on a helicopter fixing the wires, alone, with no one inside the helicopter.” We were all amazed at this kind of awkward sight.
We arrived, we looked at the clock, “1:25 PM”, I was anxious. My uncle popped out four giant, comfy, Patriot-based chairs, swordfish, a small grill, veggies, and shrimp. I was amazed when I saw all that food. There were about, I don’t know, 30,000-45,000 people there, playing football, eating, and mostly having a good time.

My uncle cooked the food and served it to us. Boy was it good! After the meal, I gulped down two pretty big bottled root beers. Just to finish off the delicious meal.
“3:45 PM”, time for us to go into Gillette Stadium. I was impatient to go into the giant stadium. I was almost sprinting towards the stadium, but, my uncle told me to stop running and to start walking. Once we got to our seats, I was amazed that our seats were right next to the tunnel that the New England Patriots players came out from.
The game began. The players came out. We were all cheering for them. All the players came out onto the field. Lastly came out Tom Brady, the star quarterback.

Every 3rd down that the Patriots had, most of the fans would stand up from their seats. I think that everyone would do that because it would pump the players up to get the first down. It was a full house, so I think that we did pump them up.

The Patriots were trailing by 10 pts. The Pats got a touchdown. They only need one touchdown to win it. The Patriots intercept the ball. (An Interception is when the Quarterback throws it to the other team, when the other team catches the ball, it is called and interception.) The Patriots won the game. Everyone was screaming their heads off, except the Lions fans. It was a great time.

I think that’s enough of a story for one event. There will be more… or will there?

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