How to Ruin Your Elbow from Break Dancing

December 3, 2008
By Mark Thao, Appleton, WI

Have you ever heard your friends or family, or anyone that you know talk about breakdancing? Have you ever heard the word “break dance” any where at all? The meaning of break dance is a dance style of the streets, how everyone gets together, around the world, and shows their moves. There are a million break dancers in the whole world and they have names for what they do. The names match them, like “b-boy Hong 10 or b-girl snippy.” These names sometimes show their attitude for what they do. You can make your own crew and ask people to join if they want. There are millions of moves out there that people have created. A move called the “air track” is the hardest move ever. I have attempted to do this move over the last one year.

When did I first attempt to do the air track? It started when it was my birthday. Jim and I were team and we battled with my brother and our cousin. I was just doing something in the air, and then I kicked my feet up, and some how I did the air track, but landed on my elbow. I got up and everyone started to cheer, and I was happy but then my elbow started to hurt. The next day I went to the twin’s house and we practiced with each other. I told them about my birthday party and that I had done the air track. They didn’t believe me, so I showed them my move. I was amazed of what I could do. After that we went to the park to break dance again until dark. I kept on doing the air track over and over again, but I couldn’t land with my hand. When it was around 7:00pm, that’s when
we started to go home and I couldn’t feel my arms any more because my elbow had swelled up from landing on it too much.

After a few days, my elbow healed a little, but then I went to the battle that my brother made. I told myself to not break dance anymore because my elbow still hurt but then everyone kept telling me to go in the circle and do the air track, so I did. I landed on my elbow again. It got worse, than what then I thought. I couldn’t bend my elbow anymore. It felt like I had no arm. When I got up, my arms started to shake. I didn’t show them that I was hurt, so I just walked it off. I went home early and put an ice pack on both of my elbows. My skin was numb because of how cold the ice pack was. Morning came and Tuch came over. “Mark, show me your air track,” said Tuch. I told him, “My elbow is swollen because I couldn’t land on my arm yet.” Tuch told me to go to the twins to go break again, so I did. I got there and I didn’t want to break at all because of my elbow. When I looked at them break dancing, I wanted to break, but my elbow was killing me, so I sat there and watched them break. I regreted doing the air track. When my elbow started to heal, I was a little rusty on my moves. I didn’t break much when my elbow healed. I stopped doing the air track for a long time. I wanted to learn new moves, so I quit doing the air track.

This is how my elbow got swollen and how I did the air track. I committed myself to doing the air track so much that I didn’t care about myself. I still break dance today with my crew called “Self-Static” and “Funky Fresh.” I now am weak at break dancing because I stopped, butI am gaining it back again.

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feafe said...
on Jan. 13 2009 at 6:42 am
What happened to your elbow... Did you even check up on it? stop when you need to.

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