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September 18, 2014
By Will Friend BRONZE, Weston, Massachusetts
Will Friend BRONZE, Weston, Massachusetts
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Good Hurt is waking up in the morning
Muscles stiff, unable to move
Shuffling to the mess hall
And starting your day with bacon and eggs

It’s getting out early
Dew adorning your sloppy-tied cleats
It’s feeling life’s slow return to your fibers
After the illusion of a night’s rest

It’s running and running and running and
Finally, permission to de-cleat
And walking gingerly with worn-down sandals
Back to apply baby powder, nectar of the gods

It’s forsaking the protein for the quick, guilty pizza
The cod fillet can go damn itself to hell
And walking back to prepare for the next shift
Petroleum jelly, dry socks, here we go

It’s more running and running and running and
Even more running
Going out with a bang, with a nice diving catch
And finally seeing an end to your day

It’s going and getting a hot meal for the day’s troubles
Fried chicken and waffles: life’s antidote to pain
Heading back and staring at a girlfriend’s picture smuggled
And then collapsing on your cot and losing to sleep

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