Start of Football

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

One summer morning, at about nine o'clock is when it all started. My cousin Eddie asked me if I wanted to play some football with some of his friends. He got mad because I gave him a confused look, then he said "are you serious!". I just told him I didn't know how to play. Then he told me I had to learn because he was going to play with some of his friends!

A couple of minutes later, he went into his room and pulled out a old tape. I saw that it said Dallas Cowboys on the tape, so for the rest of the morning we sat down and watched all the videos as he explained all the rules of the game. I picked up really quick. I understood the game at that point, but i just needed to learn the fundamentals of football such as catching, throwing, and how to run with tha ball!

Arter we watched the video, he took me outside and we threw the ball around. He like the way i threw the ball, and he told me that i had a big chance at being a quarterback! He also liked the way i caught so he said I could be a receiver also.

Finally, later that day, his friends called him on his phone and told him that its time play. We ended up playing all day until we couldn't see the ball anymore, I had won my first "pick-up" football game, even though i was the last person to get picked up! I was exausted when we were done.

Since that day, I knew football was my passion! I love the game so much that i still play today, and till this day, i still thank my cousin for getting me into the game of football!

The author's comments:
I am a member of the Sunset Varsity football team now! All thanks to my cousin

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Awesome article! This is so cool to have a friend help you find your interest. I'm glad you succeeded!


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