My Life Skiing!!

November 20, 2008
My whole life I have always skied. I lived in California and we went up to Lake Tahoe each weekend to ski. When I was two years old, I didn’t have school so my dad and I skied four days a week. When my sister got out of school, she and my mom went up to meet us; sometime even with friends. We skied with them, and it was always a fun time because they always fell down. Some of them were new skiers. They were very funny to watch.

I first learned how to ski when I was around one. I skied in a pizza until halfway through the season when my dad and mom wanted to teach me how to carve the skis. I struggled at first, so my mom and dad put me on a leash that was around my waste. It allowed me to carve the skis when they tugged on one of the sides. I was soon able to turn and carve. I wore that leash until the end of ski season.

When I was three, I competed in a race and won. At four, I was able to race on the alpine ski team. I skied on that team until I was seven. I had some great times on the ski team even though I hurt myself many times. Over the course of my time on the ski team, I broke three bones and got a concussion. It may have been due to my klutziness!

After that year, we moved to Park City , Utah because we liked the fact that it was more open and much smaller than California .That year I tried out for the Farm Team. The Farm Team is a fun team where you only race three times a year. After a couple years, I got a letter that said I made the Farm Team. I was on that team for three years.

When I was eight, I had my first two run race. I was very excited. I had never raced that type of race in California because I was younger. Since I was older, I got to ski two runs instead of one. For the first run I placed second, and the second run I placed first! I was very surprised and excited that day.

At age nine, I tried out for DEVO (another ski team), but I didn’t make it because I was too young. They told me to try out the following year and guaranteed that I’d definitely make it. The next year came and I tried out for DEVO once again. I found out that I actually did make the cut. That year I had a blast skiing on DEVO. It was one of my most fun years. I became a member of the Park City Ski Team that same year as well. I skied on that team for only one year.

I soon graduated to the C Team, and I became a J4. (J4 refers to the number of years spent racing and the date of your birth). We had many more ski races. During that one year there were around six or seven races. My coaches’ names were Matt, Thad, Colleen, and Jason. They were fun, and that year I had my first Super G race. Super G is when the gates are set up around 25 to 30 feet apart.

When I moved on to the B Team, I was very happy. I did very well. At the start of the season, I was nervous because the Junior Olympics were approaching and I was constantly wondering what number I had placed. I later found out that I was an alternate and that I would get a call about going to the J.O.'s!! J At the Junior Olympics I did well and placed in the top 30 out of 80, so I was pretty pleased. During my GS (Giant Slalom) race I fell, but I just shook it off. That season ended and I decided to switch to the Snowbird Ski Team. J J J J J I am happy about my choice because I had some trouble with the Park City Ski Team coaches. I have just gotten back from a ski camp with Snowbird and I had an amazing time. I loved itJ!!!!!

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