Why We Love Sports

November 6, 2008
In today’s modern day world we often think of athletes as overpaid undeserving people that do nothing for the society today and still get it all. But we still watch. Why? We love to fell like we are apart of something bigger then us, we want to be there when the greatest and most inspirational moments occur in sporting history. We watch as we see men and women we idolize dunk the ball, hit it yard, make the pass or get the winning goal. At the end of the day we watch to see history and emotion in ways that we aren’t capable of showing ourselves.
A year ago when we saw the Boston Celtics and their big three all-stars win the big prize for the first time, and watch Kevin Garnett scream that “Anything Is Possible!” we saw what it is to feel that happiness and embrace. When we saw the Colorado Rockies and Houston Rockets win 21, launching themselves in to the playoff race we screamed for the run to go on and on because we saw something that makes history crumble and be rebuilt. As we watched the Boston Red Sox win their first Championship in over 80 years we cheered because that team beat all odds and altered history to become known as the new, New York Yankees. Watching the Tampa Bay Rays win more then 90 games this past season we dreamed of the ultimate underdog’s story come to life. When it’s all said and done we want to be there when the greatest things happen, when the guys we idolize manage to win it all and we want to be there for all the moments that make us rise to our feet.

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Miranda said...
Nov. 15, 2008 at 9:06 pm
Jacob, Extremely well done! Congradulations.
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