A Victory

October 22, 2008
By Zachery Barber, Dell Rapids, SD

It was a stormy day and there was no way we were about to lose. We were playing the Trojans and they were a hard team to beat. We left for the game and headed to play at their home field. We knew they were rivals and that they were not about to let us win.
When we got to the field we stretched and got psyched. Our captains’ head to the center of the field for the coin toss. We had won! So we deferred the call and we are ready to kick off. The whistle blows and our kicker kicks the ball; the returner got the ball and was rushing through his blockers like a bulldozer. He wasn’t a challenge for us; we stopped him at the 25. Their line was big, but we were faster and stronger. We pushed them back for 2nd and 14. They tried to pass but he couldn’t complete it. At this time it’s 4th and 8 so they are punting it. Rinehart and I are in the backfield waiting for the punt. Rinehart got it and took off he made it to their 45. Our offense comes to the field. We are eager and nothing can stop us from scoring. We drive the ball all the way down to the 5, but the hold us to 4th and 3. Our full-back goes right up the middle and scores. We attempt the extra point; we made it. 7-0! We kick again and easily get the tackle. There was no hope for them on that return. They start their drive on the 20; a sweep to the right gets them all the way to the 40. We hold them to 3rd and 1 were they quart-back sneaks up the middle for a first down. The quarter is over and we are up by 7.
The second quarter begins rough for us and they tie it up 7-7. They kick off and I get it; just then rain comes down. We keep on playing, I made it to the 30. Our linemen and our running-backs were not about to let them hold us back. Our quarterback says hut; he drops back for a pass and our receiver catches the ball at their 48. We run to the ball because there is only 45 seconds on the clock. We give a sweep to Rinehart and he takes it all the way to the 26! Now we were sprinting; “HUT!” our receivers run. With a long toss the receiver catches it. TOUCHDOWN!
The third quarter begins. We start off slow, but quickly come back to reality. They run the ball all the way to our 45. We held them to 4th and 6; they punt it. Rinehart runs it all the way back for a touchdown. Now it is 21-7. Their heads are down and we know we’ve won. The kick was far and went into the end zone for a touch back.
The fourth quarter began with fury. They score with a long bomb to their main receiver. 21-14, and they are right back into it. They kick an onside kick, but our front line recovered it. Our play was a pass so our line needed to hold the defense and they did just that. The quarterback threw the ball to me and I caught at the five and scored the touchdown. 28-14 and the game was almost over. 2:43 on the clock and we could see the victory. And we did it with an interception by the strong safety. The ride home was very rowdy.

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