The Last Shot

October 22, 2008
By Elly Miles, Dell Rapids, SD

We’re practicing hard, getting ready for the upcoming game the next day. Running, shooting, passing, and dribbling is what our practice was consisting of. The drills seem tiring and lengthy but we all know that we have to push forward to be the best we can be. “Push, come on, one more time.” I say to myself as I bend down to touch the line at the opposite side of the quart.

We all look at each other with such dignity as we put our hands in the air and yell, “AHHHHHH LADY Q’s!” As the sweat barrels off of everyone’s faces, the coach tells us to take a seat. Everyone just sat there not knowing what he was going to say next. “This is going to be a tough one girls; you have to fight like you want it.”

As we walk into the locker room, we all take one last glance at the gym knowing that soon it would be filled with fans. Everyone crowds around just staring. “We got to win this, it’s our last game” the seniors say. By that being said we all want to work that much harder, just so they can have their last win.

I arrive at the gym, and join all my other teammates, as we have our pep talk. We threw on our jerseys, put on our shorts, and laced up our shoes. All ready to go we form a huddle; the chant begins alone with the music. We start hittin’ our threes making the opposing side nervous. The sound of the ball flying through the net almost drowns out the crowd.

Warm up is done, the starters take the floor. Everyone is lined up around the circle just waiting for the ball to be tipped to them. Balls up, tip! Our center tips it to me; I quickly dribble down the floor and pass it off to our guard, easy two. The crowd roars and soon sits. “Defense now, stay on your feet, I tell my team as we all jog down the floor. Their point guard dribble around the screen being set, jukes out of center, and makes a layup.

As we run back, we all get set up and ready to make the play. We all wait for the point guard to holler out the play. “FLASH FLASH!” Everyone moves to their spot. The ball gets passed out to me on the three point line, ”THREEEEE!” yells the announcer. The crowd goes insane.

All tied up, fourth quarter now, 56-56. This game is turning out to be closer then anyone predicted. I am on the line, I just got fouled. I know it’s all up to me, there is only 2 seconds remaining in the game. “You got this, you got this, no pressure you’re alright” my teammates tell me as I am lining up my foot on the line. The ball is up, no good. We all look at each other knowing we just lost the game. Walking back, with our heads down, the referee blows the whistle and says, “One more shot, defense moved too soon.” The fans and my teammates go insane. They pass me the ball; I take 3 dribbles, spin it, and shoot. Ball is up, it’s in! “Your new state champions ladies and gentlemen, the Dell Rapids Lady Quarriers.”

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