October 20, 2008
By Sarah Slater, Tucson, AZ

My feet drum the floor, I step and stamp, twirling and whirling my way across the linoleum. My black shoes make loud noises, each a distinct, clear sound. I can hear some girls behind me making the same noises, in time with the music; and I decipher that one girl is off a count and that the girl next to me forgot the flap in the last turn. My dress swirls around my knees as I pirouette. I try to land softly and keep in time with the thudding music. I can just barely see the audience over the stage lights. I double check that my smile is still in place and block out all the other sounds besides my feet. I count the steps in my head, naming each individual shuffle and step. My heart is spluttering, like a bird’s wings as it tries to escape its’ cage. The music begins to slow and as I go across the floor to my ending position I look straight into the lights. I smile as the music stops and the curtain lowers, this is where I’m meant to be.

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Michelle L. said...
on Nov. 12 2008 at 1:15 am
I really enjoyed this descriptive reading. I could feel the the calculated moves and the excitement of this dancer on stage.

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