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January 13, 2014
By , clearwater, FL
"Okay fellas, go out there and try your best and play hard." That's what I say to my teammates before every game I play for my rec league in countryside. I play on the 16-18 division. It's a great league to learn the fundamentals of basketball and get an opportunity to meet some great kids who want to play up to the next level and hopefully become a better basketball player.

Some great players have come from this league, some who have made varsity teams in high school and some who have even made college basketball teams. Even some professional players have come from countryside rec league.

It's my first year of playing, but not my last. I have a great team and a lot of good players with what's most important at that age… a heart for the game. It's funny but at our first practice I was scared a little not knowing how to start, but then I thought just play your game. Everything came back to me and I ran a smooth practice.

Our first real game is coming up this weekend and hopefully we will pull out a win, but if we don't, we'll try to turn it around the next week. One thing I've learned so far is I’m still young and I have potential in some aspect of the game, so hopefully I can shine and learn the game of basketball.

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