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December 15, 2013
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The score is 7-6 and it’s third down and distance. It had to be a passing play. The KM quarterback snaps the ball and takes a 3 step drop. It has to be a quick out. The tight end releases and is running his route right into my flat. I saw the play coming before the ball was snapped. I quick jump the pass and catch it. All I’m thinking is just run Johnny, just run.

I look up field and see Branden, the outside linebacker, signaling me towards him. I book it towards the end zone. You have the ball, Johnny. Now score. No one is in sight and I cross the plane into the end zone. All my teammates rush towards me and slap me on the helmet. The score: 13-7.

I turn around and see a flag. Please be on the offense. The ref explains the flag. Sam, other outside linebacker, got it for roughing the passer. I can’t believe it. Nothing but swears were spilling out of my mouth. My perfect play wouldn’t count and the score was 7-6 again.

The drive ends and we get back to the sidelines. Coach Breitlow slaps me on the helmet and says, “That a kid. That’s how you play football.” I felt better. The coaches saw it and know that I can play. I have to do it again. Radtke, the defensive lineman, comes over to me and says, “Do it again, big boy.”

I wasn’t able to make another play like that in the game. However, I didn’t put my head down. I got right back out there on defense and kept playing.

The game ends with us winning 21-6. Even though the play didn’t count, to me it will be my best play of my sports career.

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