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September 26, 2013
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Hey my name is Rozay and I play on a football team called the Ravens, were an AAU team in N.C. In AAU we travel a lot. Well this year we are traveling to Florida, the thing is that we were the #2 seed and only the #1 seed can go. This weekend we play the #1 seed to see who’s going to go.
Well its game day and its time to play for the championship. The first three quarters are the quarters that that are to me boring. The fourth quarter is the best quarter because it shows who the better team is. It’s the fourth quarter and I think we are up by one point but the Wolf packs; the #2 seed has the ball on the goal line and is trying to score. If we stop them right here then we will be the #1 seed and we will be going to Florida to play for the championship. That exactly what we our starting defensive en got the winning stop and now we going to Florida.

The bus ride there was amazing we had super fun. Well on the bus ride our coach told us about how we only had two days to practice and how we have to work hard if we wanted to win and I know that everyone wants to win. The practices were great we really worked hard and you can tell that we wanted to win so badly. Here comes the first game and we had to face the Florida Dolphins and our coach told us that they were really good and at the end of the game they showed us just that with defeating us 25 to a big ole 0, That was the most hard fought game I ever played in.
We thought that our journey was over with and we were heading home but our coach informed us that we had 2 more games to play. Our second game we were up against the Dragons and they weren’t that good. That game with the help of out O-line we had won with another hard-fought game winning 7 to 6, we had a lot of mistakes that game.

The third and final game was the big game of our life. It was the championship game and we wanted to win bad to prove that we were the best team that ever competed ever. The first quarter started off great for us we didn’t, have any mistakes no penalties no nothing and the second and third quarter was also the same.

The fourth quarter here it comes this is the most important quarter of the game and they came out tough, they were playing hard and we were playing just as hard. It’s the last minute of the game and the score was tied and everybody were standing on their feet chanting ‘’ Lets go Ravens Lets Go’’ Well they had the ball and they were moving up the field getting first down after first downs , we were getting tired and they were tired.

They were at the goal line with about 6 seconds left and we were determined to stop them. When the ball stopped they took the ball up the middle and scored. We were devastated after the game everybody was telling us good game and cheering for us.
Well back on the bus we went. Although we lost I think we did pretty well. I’m just getting ready for next year!!

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