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June 17, 2013
By jack brady BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
jack brady BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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Watching a paddle boarding event is fun, but not as fun as participating in one. But you also have to be very skilled. In this article we will look at an event at Donner Lake, California. We are going to look at the top winners of the O’Neil Donner Lake Paddle Event that was on March 25,2013. There were over 200 athletes in this event.

The length of this race is five miles. That is really far. The best time was 45 minutes 52 second and the slowest time was 1 hour 49 minutes 53 seconds.

Everyone should SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board).

Paddle boarding is the most enjoyable hobby there is. You can paddle board in basically any body of water. Honestly, paddle boarding is the best hobby because it gives you exercise, get to enjoy and gaze on beautiful water and other unique sights, and lastly you can go with your friends anywhere you want.

This person is Stand up paddle boarding.

How do you train before you paddle board?
You should always train before you paddle board. A good routine is to run, swim, work out in the gym, and core work. Running and swimming is good to get your body active and get stamina and endurance. Working out in the gym and core work is good because it gets you stronger and you can go faster. Another important thing to do before you paddle board is stretch because it helps you get balanced and loose.
This picture shows how you can train by doing push ups on the board, it increases strength and balance.

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This is a feature Article for my magazine project.

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