My First Homerun

June 12, 2013
I was on deck, anticipating the batter ahead would get on base and I would be the decisive third out as our team was losing 7-4 in the last inning. There was a runner on first, Nick. Will was in the batter’s box waiting for a good pitch, but after four balls he was walked. Then there was a runner on second and first, with two outs I stepped up to the plate more nervous as a greyhound. I knew my team was counting on me and if I got out we would lose the game.

We were facing the Rollin Red Birds, playing third base; we were in the fifth inning which was proving to be a challenge. We were winning 4-3, so if we hold them two more innings we win, but it did not go according to plan. The first batter hit a line drive over the head of the second basemen, Stephan Wilson, and got a base hit. The second hitter hit a long pop fly to the center fielder, Dawson, for an out. The third batter hit it over are right fielder’s head, Jacob, for a double. Then with a runner on third and second, and their fourth batter up to bat he hits one to the shortstop, Nick, and he over threw to the first basemen, Ben. He ran toward the ball, got it in before the runner could get a chance to run toward second, and they scored two runs. Then the fifth batter hits a home run over the fence scoring two more runs. The sixth batter hits a base hit. Then the seventh batter hit it right towards me. Stephen ran toward second, I threw it toward him; he caught it, and threw it toward the first basemen, for the double play to end the inning.

I was holding the small slender red bat and it seemed to weigh a ton. I was desperate to hit the ball, so I swung at a high pitch for a strike. The next pitch was a low ball. The third pitch was a high ball. Then the fourth pitch I swung the bat like it was light as a feather, hit the ball on the sweet spot, then it went high in the air rode the right chalk line over the fence and the crowed started screaming! I had just tied the game for us. Then the batter after me was Jake Fisher. He hits a double and then Dawson comes up to bat and hit a single, but they over threw it, so Jacob scored and we won the game.

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