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Todarello Takes Next Step

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Dom Todarello is an all around athlete, from football, to basketball and also baseball. The multi-talented Arrowhead senior has had many things on his plate his senior year. From winning state in football, to trying and make it to state in basketball to focusing on having a surgery on his shoulder to picking his college, Todarello has had to make many decisions and which college he decided to go to was a big one.

In the end, Todarello committed to UW Oshkosh. Todarello says he picked Oshkosh because it is really close to home and it has a great baseball program.

“Most importantly it [Oshkosh] has a great business school which is what I want to get into,” says Todarello.

Todarello says he is looking forward to getting a good education while attending Oshkosh.

The College of Business at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is recognized as a preferred choice for both students and employers for business education in Wisconsin, according to UW Oshkosh’s website.

He is also looking forward to seeing where his baseball career takes him in college.

Looking back at his years at Arrowhead, Todarello loved every moment of it. Todarello says high school is where he found all of his best friends and the place where he learned so much, in school and out of.

“My high school years were a great experience and something I will never forget,” says Todarello.

Todarello remembers when his now best friends first hated him because as he puts it, he was getting all of the ladies.

“I’m really nervous for starting to have to do my own laundry and having to cook for myself, because my mom always did it all for me,” says Todarello.

Another thing he’s really going to miss is all three of his sisters: Callie(15 years old), Jordan(13 years old) and Lex(4 years old).

Whenever Todarello has free time, he says he plans on visiting home and spending time with his family and other friends.

No matter what Todarello has planned for him, if his college career is anything like his high school career, he’ll have no troubles.

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