Arrowhead Boys Deserve It All

May 20, 2013
The Arrowhead Boys 2012 football team is the best football team to ever go through Arrowhead. They are ranked, in the top 20 in the country.

The Warhawks finished their 2012 season with a win over Sun Prairie, 35-14, in the WIAA Division 1 State Championship at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison on November 16, and finally accomplished their dream of being state champions.

They deserve all the hype that they have gotten this year, and some think they should have gotten more.
Ever since the boys at Arrowhead High School were kids and saw the Arrowhead football teams to win state in 1993, 1994, 1997, 2007, it’s been their goal to do the same.

Coming into the summer, the boys worked hard every day. They had two-a-days and were motivated. Whenever they wanted to quit they looked all around them and saw all of the accomplishments past teams have made during their football season and they pushed through it. It was their inspiration the players said.

Coach Greg Malling, coming into his second season as head coach, had high expectations to live up to. Tom Taraska, the retired coach, won multiple state titles in football and the stadium is named after him. But Malling ignored the negative media and publicity about those expectations and started getting to work on how he, as a coach, could win a state title.

After the season, Malling was named WFCA/Packer Coach of the Year.
“It’s very humbling to receive this award,” Malling said to the Wisconsin Football College Associations. “It’s a direct reflection an incredible coaching staff and a great group of kids who worked and palyed well together all year long. It was an amazing experience.”

The boys had an undefeated season of 13-0 and it was a surprise if they gave up more than one touchdown a game. But this is the amazing thing: they didn’t have just one star player. Every boy that played could destroy all their competition.
They have players like the “Big Three” who are being looked at by the Big Ten schools: George Panos, Matt Sietz, and Billy Hirschfield. Panos already accepted the scholarship to be on the Badger team.

The boys practiced Monday through Saturday and on Sundays they watched films. They took no days off.
The Arrowhead Boys had no tough games, no close scores, and the whole team got in at the state championship. They deserve to be called the best football team to ever go through Arrowhead.

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