Escamilla’s Back!

May 20, 2013
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D.J. Escamilla is a two-sport athlete at Arrowhead High School. This football season Escamilla suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in their second game against Muskego. Escamilla is now back from his injury and his a part of the 2012-2013 boys varsity basketball team.
Escamilla was also a part of the 2011-2012 boys varsity basketball team and started.
“It feels great being back. It was a long time before I was able to do anything and now I’m just ready to get back and play basketball,” says Escamilla.
Escamilla got hurt on a jet play. This is where the wide receiver comes from across the field and takes the ball and runs up field. He got close to the end zone where he then got tackled and landed on his shoulder. He knew something was wrong right away.
Escamilla was quite disappointed when he had to miss the entire football season this year. The boys ended up making it to state this year and winning. Escamilla was not supposed to be able to play or have any contact for the rest of the season but the coaching staff got him in for at least one play.
“Yeah I was pretty upset not being able to play the rest of my senior season of football but the coaches were able to get me in one play during the 4th quarter and that was pretty cool. I’m just glad to be back for the basketball season since it is my favorite sport and our team is doing great this year.”
“My first shot I took I air balled it.., but after a few minutes I started knocking my shots down.”
Escamilla was able to participate this season and his first game was against Catholic Memorial in December. He got in for the last few minutes and was able to help his team get the W. He also made a free throw.
“It was amazing being able to get in and make at least a free throw against CMH.”
The next game is this Friday against Muskego and Escamilla will be able to get in and get some good playing time.
“My expectations for this year are to keep getting better and improving my skills so I can hopefully play in college.”
Escamilla hopes to be able to play in college. But right now he is focusing on the rest of the basketball season and to help his friends and teammates to win another state championship.

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