The American sport “Football"

May 10, 2013
By JasonRapp GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
JasonRapp GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Sports are great and wonderful activities that people can do, there also a great pass time for people to have fun, to be on a team, to get stronger, and to get faster with almost each and every day. My favorite sport has changed me in a very big way too.
Football is my favorite sport of all, thanks to this one sport I got thinner, stronger, and a lot faster than before. When I was younger I was well a little on the overweight side. I really wanted to lose the weight and get stronger, and another reason why is because when I was very young my 2 out of 3 sisters kept picking on me, calling me names bossing me around so I tried my best at exercising on my own, but it didn’t work I just stayed the same. That is when I decided that I needed help.
So I asked my dad for help, so he signed me up for football in 8th grade. There was a lot of hard work in very hot weather almost every day. While wearing tight gear which made me start sweating even more. During the season I only played defense and never offense at all. By the end of the season I reached my goal and lose the weight and I got a lot stronger than I ever got before. And a later after the season my sisters tried picking on me it didn’t really workout for them. I kept exercising through the year though.
The next foot ball season came in 9th grade it was a lot harder than the previous year, but it was worth it though because I get even stronger than before. This year I worked hard I played 1st defense as usual, but this year was different because I got to play offense as well. And during the middle of the season my friend Jordan got an arm injury so I had to fill in for him on 1st offense and had to play almost the whole entire game. So thanks to football I’m bigger, stronger, and faster than I ever could be.

So I say thanks to my coaches and every one who helped me during the hard working times. And thanks to football my whole life has been changed in a very big way. And if any one who would ask me how I got so big and so strong I would tell them it was the great American game of football.

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