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April 22, 2013
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My heart races. Beating against my ribs rhythmically going along to the beat of my feet. I feel the pain shoot through my body. I've been going for almost over an hour. My body screams at me to stop. But I keep pushing forward. My muscles stiffen and clench making it hard to go up the last hill. Adrenaline and anticipation fills my body leaving the pain numb and me electrified.
'This is it....' I think, knowing this is where I pushed myself. This is where I grew. Pushing myself past the limit of exhaustion and pain. This is where I show what I'm made of.
I pump my arms forward feeling the heat build up inside them leaving every vain, every fiber pulsing.
My breathing goes haggard making my lungs feel as if they are about to burst. Everything passes by me melted together in a colorful blur.
I feel the wind slap me in the face the further up the incline I go. Pushing me back as hard as it can testing my only my body but my will to succeed. I lean forward and push through my dry faze remembering what my coach told me so long ago.
'You don't stop right before you reach the finish line. No matter how tired you are, how sick you are, how weak you are, you KEEP GOING. This is the moment where you are truly tested. This is where you show what you are TRULY made of.'

I gasp as tears come to my eyes. Every fiber of my being feels like it's on fire. Bile starts to push up my throat. I choke it down and sprint the last twenty meters giving it everything I've got.

'Huuurrrrggggrrr!" I groan finally reaching the top. Usually this is the point where the runner either does a celebratory dance or does a kick butt Rocky fist. I settle for trying to keep myself upright and not vomit all over the white pavement.

Through all the pain and sickness I feel I give a small smile of achievement and switch my watch off.

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