March 26, 2013
By , Rochetser, NY
The Buffalo Sabres have had a very unexpected, disappointing season. The Sabres were on the brink of making the playoffs last year and ultimately failed. The biggest thing they needed to improve on was physical play. Under new owner Terry Pegula, the sabres could afford to make more aggressive free agency moves with all the money he has.

In the off-season the sabres picked up Steve Ott who is second in hits this season. Another physical player we picked up was John Scott. He is a huge 6 foot 8 and easily is the biggest guy on the ice most times. Scott is our fighter on the team and whenever he goes to fight anybody, he has at least 4 inches on the guy. Whenever there is something being done to our players, veteran Sabre Patrick Kaleta, Steve Ott, or John Scott will go after them.

On Sunday the Buffalo Sabres lost to the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2. That loss was a punch in the face seeing how far down the sabres are in the standings, but what got to the sabres was the physical plays Philadelphia got away with. All through the games you could see the home team had an advantage with the refs. Early in the second period Tyler Ennis was boarded and there was no call. Instead when we went to fight the Simmon, the guy who it Ennis, we got a 10 minute misconduct

The Sabres also have a medicore to good talent on the offense side. We have one the of the best goal scorers in the league with Thomas Vanek and a good veteran leadership and above average player with Jason Pominville. The sabres also traded for the former Rookie of the Year in the 2011-2012 season with Cody Hodgson. The Vancouver Canucks are devastated that they ever gave Cody away. He is having an amazing year with his contract expiring. Hodgson is becoming a Restricted Free Agent and Terry Pegula should not let him leave the Sabres.

What the sabres need is a good 2nd and 3rd lines. The fourth line does not need to score because that is every teams hard hitting or fighting line which we have. Jochen Hecht and Drew Stafford are both veteran Sabres who are not performing this year. We have some really good prospects who could play their in future years but they just have to develop. Those people include Porter, Flynn, Foligno, and Grigorenko. We have one consistent forward in Tyler Ennis who we will but in crucial situations with our first line memebers

The whole off season for the Buffalo Sabres should be focused on defense. Too many goals are being scored on us and It’s not because of our goalies. The defense does not give any help to our goalies so of course we are going to get scored on a lot. Our first overall pick in the draft or at least the first few should be defensive men. Darcy Regier, our General Manager, should also look into Free Agency or try to trade for some Defensive players.

I watch every game of the sabres and because of my observations I think this should be the solution. We should still maybe get a few offensive players but not many. Another move we should make is not to keep interim coach Rolston. He is not fit for the team and they were better off with Coach Lindy Ruff.

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