Free Agency

March 21, 2013
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This season was a bad or good season for many teams. Many great teams like the patriots are getting rid of some really great players, Wes Welker and Patrick Chung. Many teams that were disappointments or did not do well last season, like the Dolphins, are thinking about rebounding, by “stealing” all the good players in the Free Agency market. Since they have a large amount of money, they will continue to spend all of it. Teams like the Bengals, that is predicted to have $121 million, choose not to spend much of it in free agency and keep it for the draft. Although many teams are attempting to rebound after last season, will they have enough players to do well next season?

Many teams are curious to see which players are going to be free Agents. Usually, if you are a free agent, the player has been released and disrespected by their previous team. So players like Welker are looking to do better next season. Teams like the Dolphins think that they have all the money in the world; well, they have a lot of money, but they are taking all the good players for their team. The teams who need help, such as the Browns or Vikings are not getting great players. Here are some players who should be signed soon:

Nnamdi Asomugha:
Well, many people know this fabulous veteran, but why did he get released by the Eagles? Players like Nnamdi can either be a disappointment or beneficial, and the Eagles thought Nnamdi was a disappointment. He should be going to the Saints, a team that needs a good defense.
Jake Long:
As the NFL website states, “Assuming his physical is now over, it looks like he's choosing between the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams. Jeff Fisher and Jared Cook both went to the Rams in this scenario.” This shows that he could go back to the Dolphins or to the Rams.
These are some of the good players left in the Free Agency market, not to mention Ed Reed who is still deciding where to go.

Research shows that many teams or unwise in spending their money, for instance the Dolphins. There are many other players still free in the market and should be picked up in a weeks time. Jake Long will most likely go to the Rams, and Nnamdi will most likely go to the saints. If a player who has been released by their team, they are disrespected and do their best to make up for their mistakes. Although many teams are attempting to rebound after last season, will they have enough players to do well next season?

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