The Real Cross country Part 1

March 21, 2013
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My heart thumps in my chest frantically as I step up to the line to do the final warm ups before it was time to do what I dreaded most.
I feel myself jump what felt like fifty feet. I whip my head around to see a man bundled in a mass of sweatshirts and sweat pants that almost rendered him, or her I could hardly tell.
I rush to the line once more and feel my stomach drop and a wave of sickness take over me. Its at this time I realize how cold I felt. And why shouldn't I be? It was only ten degrees after all and all I was wearing was my uniform which did absolutely nothing to keep me warm against the bitter wind and unshining sky.
"One!... " yells the "reff".
'two...' I count mentally. 'three... four...'
I take off like a hunter being chased after by a cheetah. My legs burn agains the cold and strain I feel against not only the wind but also the giant hill we had to run up.

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