Stunt and Smile

March 13, 2013
Cheer sends a particular shock through my body, every time I’m there. Not a real shock but something I can feel deep down inside; a burning passion saying I want to do this for a long time. You get this feeling when you compete, there are voices running through your head so many thoughts, so many questions, it’s scary but at the same time its peaceful, you get this feeling when I say peaceful that all you want is to come back for more. It’s how I clear my mind, it’s scary and you’re afraid all you know and all you say to yourself in your head is hit your tumbling pass, sharp motions, stick your stunt and smile, why you all hope and pray that you win, and at the same time you get this thought in the back of your mind saying just leave your heart on the mat and afterward there is this pivotal sense of security where you know you did.

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