Will the Chiefs benefit from obtaining Alex Smith?

March 12, 2013
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Will the Chief’s excel with a new coach and a new quarterback? A week ago the Kansas City Chiefs made an agreement with the San Francisco 49er’s. The 49er’s will trade quarterback Alex Smith, and in return obtain a 2nd round pick in the NFL draft. The deal is not official until March 12 but, the chiefs made it clear that they are willing to accept the deal. Many NFL experts say that Alex Smith will do much better with quarterback friendly coach, Andy Reid. Other experts say that they should have taken rookie Geno Smith. Will Alex Smith make the struggling Kansas City Chiefs any better, or will they stay as one of the worst teams in the NFL. Although, people say that the chiefs will do better next year, people may be regretting their decision.

First, will the Kansas City Chiefs be a better team? Many experts say yes. For example, Charley Casserly said “Reid and Smith make a perfect match in Kansas City. The winner in this is Alex Smith. He gets to start again and play for a QB-friendly coach in Andy Reid. Smith is a very smart quarterback, and Reid is a very creative offensive coach who will take advantage of his new quarterback's intelligence to attack defenses in multiple ways. With weapons at Reid's disposal and a wise QB behind center, the Chiefs' offense should see a nice jump in production this year.” (Article:http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000145751/article/alex-smith-trade-impacts-chiefs-49ers-geno-smith-and-more) This quote shows that both Alex Smith and Andy Reid will work together and attempt to make the Kansas City Chiefs, from the worst team to, the best team in the NFL. Other say, where will Geno smith go? Adam Rank explains his opinion “The biggest question is, who moves first on Geno Smith? Some might say the Cardinals, but I still think they draft Eric Fisher (the Birds must rebuild that offensive line) and work out a new deal with Kevin Kolb. The Cardinals could then hope Matt Barkley falls to them in the second round, or they could wait even longer for a guy like Tyler Bray to develop for the future. As for Geno Smith, I say he ends up with the Bills at No. 8, as the only QB who goes in the first-round.” (Same Article) This shows that the #1 quarterback pick, Geno Smith, will probably not go to the Kansas City Chiefs, and probably go to the Buffalo Bills, who definitely needs a good starting quarterback. Even though the Kansas City Chiefs got Alex Smith, will they appear to become a playoff team or stay in last?
In conclusion, did the Kansas City Chiefs make a mistake of trading a 2nd round pick for Alex Smith? Alex Smith’s crude history with the 49ers may change for the best and the worst with a quarterback friendly coach named Andy Reid. Will Geno smith still be 1st round pick? Many people do not know where 1st round pick quarterback, Geno Smith, will be but, the NFL experts say that the Bills may draft Geno Smith. Although, people say that the chiefs will do better next year, people may be regretting their decision.

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