Softball: My Sport

March 8, 2013
Let me tell you something. Softball is not a sport to me; it's a lifestyle. In case you're wondering, as I write this, I'm trying out. It's tough; the coaches said it will be a hard decision to make cuts. They want good attitudes, check; hard workers, check; and people who can follow directions, check. I'm the one they're looking for.

I've been playing this game since I was four. That's about eleven years; however, I didn't play for about a year. But, it takes a quick day to gain your skills back. My coaches always looked at me and wanted me to play on their team. Compared to some girls, I wasn't that good but I was still played. I cannot remember a time I threw a bat. Why waste your strength and get your team upset? If my helmet banged, it fell off the bench.

For the first year of softball, I could not hit a thing. With correct guidance, I learned to swing and hit the bat. It took several more years to learn the proper, proper way to hit. Use your hips, take your hands to the ball and always watch the ball as it comes from the pitcher's hand.

I started out in outfield. I'm still their but I took a long journey around the diamond. Outfield, catcher, right field, center field, short stop, second base, and then back to right field. I belong there in travel ball. You need to be fast and need to be able to catch. People say we have "unnoticed talent" but we don't.

Outfielders are equal to the infielders. However, we get less action but we still get adrenaline when we're up against good hitters. One tournament, players were afraid to hit to me because I could catch their balls faster than they can swing.

Pitching, ah yes, pitching. Denied the right to learn how to pitch for years, my last coach said I could pick it up. Next year, my goal is to be able to pitch. I know how to pitch but I need to actually take time to get used to it. Confusing right? It is to me.

So, this upcoming Monday, 3/11/13, we will continue to tryout for high school softball and the results will be posted up on Tuesday. Fingers crossed, I want to make it! If I do, fingers crossed I'm on varsity!

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