Dreams VS Reality

February 13, 2013
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It is a basketball game, we are down by 2, and there is only ten seconds left in the game. Sweat is dripping down my face. Five seconds pass; I have the ball and I shoot it from the three point line. I drain the ball in the net. We win the game by only one point.
Then I stop daydreaming. The actual game starts. First play of the game I dribble the ball up to the other side. I drive it in and lose the ball. Next possession, we are down by two, and I shoot the three. Air ball! Reality check, I am not actually good at basketball. Disappointed, I stop taking shots. Someone shoots the ball, and I go up for the rebound. I grab it! Excited, I twist back and forth. SCREECH! I look over and see the referee moving his arms in a motion signaling a travel. The travel was turnover number three for me. I get benched and I have no interest in playing in the game anymore. I look at the scoreboard. We are down by six. Slowly, we come back until the difference is only two. I get back into the game and get a breakaway layup. Rushing too much, I nail the bottom of the backboard and I exceed maximum shame. We go to lose the game by six. Basketball is not my sport.

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