Webster 'A' Team

January 31, 2013
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This story is about the Webster Middle School's seventh grade A team. It goes through all the adversity of our team and all the difficulties.

Chapter 1: Webster 'A' Team
Webster “A” Team This year’s girl’s basketball season was very successful for the Webster A/White team. Their record was ten wins and two losses, out of twelve games. The team’s only two losses were to Steffen Middle School, in Mequon, Wisconsin. This team was even a challenge for the Cedarburg Basketball Team. Even with a pretty easy season, the girls on the team had a lot of adversity. The Webster White team this year originally had twelve players in the beginning of the season. These players were: Rachel P, Riley O’, Sarah P, Kenzie N, Paula S, Alison J, Cassie S, Kendra and Kalli M, Kylin K, Olivia M, and Kate D. Before the team’s first game against Steffen a team member (Kenzie Nueman) had to quit the team due to prior commitments. This left the team to only eleven active players. The team was still an amazing team with only eleven girls. Soon came their first game against Steffen Middle School (Mequon, Wisconsin). The team knew this was going to be a very hard team to beat. They all knew they had to step up their game and use all the practice they did to prepare for the game into the game. The girls all did very well on staying focused during warmups and while sitting on the bench. There was definitely some rivalry and competition going on between the two teams. They went over and over the plays in their heads, used the whiteboard to draw them, and even watched the other team to see how they played. Mr. Kniess, AKA: K-DAWG, put in the five starters: Rachel Priddy, Sarah Peksa, Riley O’Connell, Kalli Murphy, and Kylin Korb. All the players were working really hard getting rebounds, taking layups, running the offense, and shooting jump shots. The other team was doing very well too. They had a lot of fast breaks, causing them to be in the lead. One minute into the game though, the team lost another member (Rachel Priddy). While fighting for the ball she was pushed and fell on her already injured knee. This put her on the bench for the rest of the season, leaving the team with only ten players. With minus two players, it doesn’t stop the team from doing the best they can and only losing two games. Most of the team’s games that they played they had won, and they were won by a landslide. Making the team’s accomplishment even harder, they lost another team member due to an injury from a different sport (Riley O’Connell).This happened when they were three fourths into the season. This was a terrible tragedy for the team, with two starters out due to injuries. That was crazy, but the team didn’t let it bother them. That also didn’t let them lose focus on playing their hardest and their best. Having to lose three players was terrible for the team, but it didn’t stop there. The team had their most tragic loss at the second to last game. The team recently lost one player that had other commitments, one player injured during the first game, and also one player that injured and injured herself again in a different sport... That’s not all; the team also lost a very fun and great teammate who was moving to Korea (Kate Darling). This was horrible for the team. Kate moving was very sad for everyone on the team. Her moving to Korea was not only sad because she wasn’t on the team anymore, but because they were not only a basketball team together, but they were like each other's second family. By being a second family with each other, the team grew close to each other. With a team member that moved around the world, their last game that they played with her was wonderful. Kate played her best and she scored more that game than any other game. She was very much missed. This year’s basketball season was very much accomplished. It was a great season with only two losses and ten wins. Even though they didn’t win all of their games and go undefeated, the team accomplished much more. They all became friends with new people, and they all worked well together as a team.This season was an amazing season with only two total losses and ten total wins! THANKS MR.KNIESS! AKA: K-DAWG!

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