What it Means to Play

January 28, 2013
Bump, set, spike. Left, right, left. See, aim, pass. Countless commands were running through my mind. I was trying out for varsity volleyball and the pressure was on, because juniors aren't allowed to be on JV at my school. I'm a foot shorter than most Right Side Hitters, but that wasn't stopping me. That weekend I was focused and energetic. I dove for every ball, I swung at every set. I tried my hardest.

The only thing I didn't do was make the cut.

But this isn't a story about failure. This is a story about dedication. I never gave up on volleyball. I signed up for a regional league and practiced in the back yard every day. I enjoyed every second I spent playing. Then I decided to try out again.

I didn't make the team this year, either.

Am I still as dedicated? Of course. If I could, I would keep trying out until I was number fifteen again. I'm going to play this winter and want to continue in college. I love it. I refuse to quit. Rejection hurts, but volleyball is much more important.

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