AHS Field Hockey Girls take State

January 21, 2013
The Arrowhead Girls Varsity Field Hockey team made it to state this past 2012-2013 season. The game was on October 20th at Hartpark, Wauwatosa. Arrowhead played Trinity Lutheran School. Rachelle McDowell, an AHS sophomore, was one of the varsity players.

McDowell says when she first realized her and her team were headed off to state she was excited. She says their previous playoff game was against their biggest rival, so beating them and getting a chance to play at state was very gratifying.

Melissa Brengosz, varsity couch, says that she was extremely excited and felt very confident with her team’s chances of winning the State Championship. She says she knew she had a team with a lot of commitment and determination and that makes coaching so gratifying because they have the desire to work hard and reach their goals, both individual and as a team.
McDowell says the bus ride to state was very rowdy. She says when they weren’t on the highway; they were yelling out the bus windows and holding up signs that cheered on their team.
“We had speakers blasting music. Everyone was singing, dancing, and shouting the entire time,” she says.
McDowell says when they got to the game, she was feeling the heat. She said there for sure was a lot of pressure on her, but she says she was too excited to play.
“I had high expectations for this team because I knew we had a highly skilled group back from last season,” Brengosz says.
McDowell says there was some drama during the game. She says that she noticed that a girl from the other team was moving something around in her mouth, like gum. This was unusual to McDowell because all girls are required to wear a mouth guard during the game. She notified her coach about this and the girl had to be taken out of the game. McDowell says one of her teammates got a green and yellow card for talking back to the ref.
“It was a disadvantage for our team when my teammate got called out. We needed her to be playing not sitting on the bench,” McDowell says.
At the end of the game, the score was 1-0 in overtime, with a win for Trinity.
McDowell says after the game, everyone was upset. She says some girls even cried.
She says the bus ride home was very dreary compared to the ride to the game. No one was talking.
“I am very proud of their accomplishments this season and look forward to another strong season next year,” Brengosz says
McDowell says even though her team didn’t win the state game, she is still proud they made it there and cannot wait for next season to take the field again.

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