Packer Playoff Game

January 17, 2013
By , Franklin, WI
I remember the bitter cold swipe against my face as the blustering winds almost knocked me over. It was the dead of winter in the state of Wisconsin. When you’re at the “Frozen Tundra” it only seems right that you are freezing your ass off. Packer flags waved from left to right, violently being pushed around by the wind making me feel pride for the one team that I’ll never lose faith in. It was a sea of frozen, but bundled, green and gold making our way to the stadium. The puny flakes of purple had to make it through the sea like trout swimming against the current. The Vikings fans were overly excited to be here, like they were the home team. Packers fans were not too nonchalant though either. Chants screamed through the crowds. “Go Pack Go” never left my head. Despite the icicles forming around my head, it was the greatest feeling ever. The memory of laying my eyes on Lambeau Field made me feel so insignificant. Then I remembered “I am a Green Bay Packer fan” I looked up bending my next backwards to see the very top of the stadium, “this is going to be the greatest game ever”. We mushed through the snow banks to get to the wide entrance. While I was walking through, I felt like I was going through a threshold that withheld the future. This is it. This is what it feels like to be at a Green Bay Packer Playoff game. It can’t believe my eyes when I see the field. I breathe in the brisk air deep into my lungs and slowly close my eyes. I felt a goofy smile slips across my face.

The energy of the stadium was not normal. It was amplified by 71,000 people. This playoff game was the first step to our road to the Super Bowl; we had to win against the Vikings. I remember Packer fans behind me, in front of me, and next to me all had cold beer in their hands. Of Course. This added to the obnoxious-ness to the fans, but I loved it. I thought to myself “Usually, I would be annoyed by these crazy drunk people, but since they’re Packer fans like me, they are like my new best friends.” Every stood for the National Anthem, and no one sat down when it was over. I caught myself almost frantically looking from side to side. The whole stadium was standing in anticipation of the game that is ahead of us. I have been to other Packer games before, but people sat down after the National Anthem! Not this one. The game would go on like this for the rest of the night.

It was the first quarter and the Vikings scored. The Vikings fans got even more obnoxious and I was getting pissed. The Vikings need to lose. The Packers can’t do this to me! The whole momentum shifted at the start of the 3rd quarter. Kuhn of the Packers got tossed the ball by the magnificent Aaron Rodgers. Kuhn took a hit from the right, you could hear the crowd grunt, then the left, another loud grunt! He did a whole three-sixty and landed on his feet in the end zone. The crowd cheered and it sounded like a jet. I jumped up and down, despite that my toes were frozen. I high fived the Packer fans in front of me with my big fluff gloves, when they hit together, it sounded like a muffled drum. Everyone was all smiles. This sealed it; the Packers couldn’t go downhill from here.

Walking back to the car after a Packer playoff win was the greatest feeling in the world. When they won, my heart was pumping blood twenty times faster than it should have. My eyes were watery from the dry wind and the fact that I was a little too happy that we won. My palms were shaking with anticipation of the next week game. At this point in time, I was greatly happy. When I thought of what could happen next week, my heart sank and fell out of my chest and rolled out into the snow. My brain picks it up and exclaims “The Packers will not lose!”. I could only be hopeful.

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