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December 17, 2012
By halldj161 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
halldj161 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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It was the 4th quarter in the championship game. Coach Ellis called a timeout with 1:25 left. Coach Ellis told his players to look for Dwayne to score. He quickly, but efficiently drew up a play. The ball was thrown in to Dwayne as planned. He looked up at the scoreboard and looked up at the time. It read 72-Hawks/ 67-Typhoons. He knew his team was down by 5 points. He passed it to his big man down low. He posted his man up, pump faked, span and scored. The score was now 72-69. The Hawk’s leading scorer came down the court. He faked left, then right. While he was crossing over, Dwayne swiped his hand and stole the ball and passed it to their best ball handler. He dribbled it down the court but the Hawk’s trap defense stopped him from moving further. He looked up at the clock. 36 second’s left. He passed it to Dwayne who was wide open and pulled up for the 3 pointer. It looked off but the ball rolls in. TIED GAME!!! 72-72. The other team held the ball and passed it so it wouldn’t be stolen again. The ball is thrown again and it is tipped and then thrown to Dwayne who ran full speed and dunks it. Score 74-72. There were 12 seconds left and the Hawk’s flew down the court to shoot and it was an air ball. Typhoons won. Dwayne was called to the platform. Dwayne received the” Player of the year” award for his outstanding freshman year in college basketball.

Dwayne wanted to be the 1st overall in the draft but he was nervous because there were other great players going into the draft. Like: Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, Ricky Rubio, and the Morris Twins.

Over the offseason, Dwayne couldn’t wait for the big day. He worked on his shot, ball handling, rebounding, passing, speed and stamina. Soon enough he gained 12 pounds in muscle and his basketball IQ shot up. He became more of a team player, not a player who only wants to score.

It is the day of the NBA draft. Dwayne had his fresh white suit with a red tie. His mother was there supporting him. His father couldn’t make it because of a job conference. Dwayne grabbed his mother tightly and told her “ no matter what I become in life, I will always be your son.” His mother, Jasmine said, “Oh shut up you sound like you are dying. Just loosing up and relax. Today is your day” Dwayne said,” Thank you Mom and I will try too”

The draft announcer comes up and smiles. He says the first team to pick is the Miami Heat. Miami has 2 minutes to pick a player. Dwayne Jennings!!! Clapping and applause came all over the room. Dwayne just could not believe it. He was picked number 1 overall in the nation. Over all those great players. Dwayne went up and put on his Miami Heat snapback and surprisingly he had his red tie on to match his red hat. Jasmine gives Dwayne a big hug and kissed him on the cheek and tells him “ I’m so proud of you”.

During his first year in the NBA he excels and becomes “Rookie of the year”.
He breaks down barriers and makes history as the youngest player averaging 25 plus in points, and 10 plus assists per game. He had made it and would continue to shine in the big leagues.

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