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December 13, 2012
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There was no turning back now. My feet quickly ran across the flat, rough surface of concrete to the board up two stairs and there was no backing down. This would have been my fifth year diving for OP Waves Competitive Dive Team. My mind was racing now I just had to focus just for a few small seconds in my life. Diving is one of my favorite but its one that I get scared the most in, mainly because you do not know what’s going to happen. Will I hit the board? What will my score be? I hope I do not smack the water. My feet glided as I took my three steps and soon enough I was rotating. When someone does a flip it seems so fast, but when that person is you, it seems to take forever. I look up just for a split second and saw the sky and the sun smiling down at me and then it was gone. I was in a different atmosphere and in the bottom of the crystal like clear blue water. I popped my head up and saw my scores. I repeated this three more times, but different dives. Later after all the thirteen and under kids had gone, the younger kids went, and soon after them we would get our medals. The time came of the medals and my friend Maya got fourth place, and I am proud to say that I got in eighth place out of thirty girls in the whole Overland Park area. After my meet my parents congratulated me and all the divers went out to eat. That meet was definitely not my best meet but for some odd reason it’s my first pick

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