LeBron...or Kobe?

December 12, 2012
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At 6 foot, 8 inches, 260 pounds, stands LeBron James, the MVP of the NBA back to back seasons. At the age of twenty-seven, LeBron had been named MVP of the NBA three times. He was awarded Rookie of the Year. He had been to the NBA All-Star game eight times, out of the nine seasons being in the league. Two of those eight times, LeBron earned the All-star game MVP. Six times he had been awarded to the 1st All-NBA team, and four times to the 1st All-Defensive team. This past season, LeBron led his team in every category (scoring, assists, rebounds, etc), which caused them to win the NBA Championship, in this case he won his first NBA title, and was awarded the Finals MVP as well. After the season, he joined the USA Olympic team; there he led that team to win his first Olympic Gold Medal. The most important statistic LeBron could have is, he is 1st all time in winning player of the month, with nominations. At the age of twenty-seven, James had 19045 points, 4943 rebounds, 4751 assists, 94 steals, 582 blocks, and a 27.2 percentage of points per game in his career, which is number two all time, behind Michael Jordan.

On the other hand, at 6 foot, 6 inches, 205 pounds, stands Kobe Bryant, winning his only MVP in 2008. At the age of twenty-seven, Kobe had been to the NBA All-Star Game seven times, only one of those times had he won the All-Star MVP. Four times Bryant had been awarded to the 1st All-NBA team and the 1st All-Defensive team. Also, Kobe had only won player of the month six times. At the age of twenty-seven, Bryant had 16866 points, 3634 rebounds, 3148 assists, 1059 steals, 431 points, and a 22.5 percentage of points per game in his career.
After just seeing this stats, who would say is better? Well I’m not quite done yet.

When someone asks “Who’s better, Kobe, or LeBron?” most people will only say Kobe Bryant because he has won five championships. However, championships do not define a player, they define a team. If LeBron James had someone to help him out in all of his years, he would have won a championship every year he has been in the league. LeBron is the best player between the two, maybe the best player ever. Kobe won with a big man, like Shaq, and a good team. LeBron took his team to the Finals with no other great players to support him. LeBron James is a better player than Kobe Bryant. Although Kobe's scoring average has been higher than LeBron's through the nine seasons that James has been in the NBA, LeBron's career regular season average is 27.6 while Kobe stands at 25.5. LeBron dominates Kobe in career rebounding and assists averages with 7.2 and 6.9 as opposed to Kobe's statistics of 5.3 and 4.7. Since LeBron James and Kobe Bryant both came out of high school to enter the NBA, it is fair to compare the two at the same age. LeBron's impact and ability to make his teammates better is greater than that of Kobe's. LeBron is trusted and respected by his teammates and everyone around him. The same cannot be said for Kobe Bryant. Also, LeBron James is only 27 years old and is being compared to a player who is 34. You saw the numbers through their first seven seasons; compare Kobe, the player he is now, to LeBron in 6 years. Kobe is no match for LeBron. As mentioned earlier, LeBron is a better defender, passer, rebounder, better at getting teammates involved, more efficient, and more versatile. The only things Kobe really has on him is scoring and shooting.

With these facts and statistics, I believe LeBron is the best player in the NBA and will most likely finish his career as the best basketball player to ever play the game. What do you think?

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